ITSC Secure Solutions on the Winning Team for Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Pathways to Scale Mentorship Grant Program

July 29, 2021 (Lincoln, Massachusetts) – ITSC Secure Solutions, LLC (ITSC), trusted experts in cybersecurity, systems engineering, technical assistance, acquisition and contract support announces they are on the winning team for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Pathways to Scale Mentorship Grant Program. The program supports the growth of mentor networks that connect entrepreneurs of startup companies with experienced leaders who can help the startup navigate the challenges that come when scaling a company. Currently, a primary focus is the aerospace and defense sector, which comes with a unique set of challenges; compliance being one of them. The newest requirement mandated for defense contractors is the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) set forth by the Department of Defense (DoD). Contractors will be audited and required to meet up to five levels of certification.

While the deadline for CMMC has not been firmly established, it’s imperative that contractors who are new to the defense space begin implementing the cybersecurity requirements from the start. ITSC has partnered with the UMass Lowell Northstar Campus and will be providing six small businesses Interim Rule compliance and CMMC Level 1 readiness using our Cyber Assessment and Readiness (CAR) platform. ITSC has extensive experience in mentorship and is passionate about educating entrepreneurs about cybersecurity and its importance to national defense.

ITSC Secure Solutions is an award-winning Woman Owned Small Business offering a portfolio of secure engineering/scientific acquisitions across Defense: space, nuclear, medical, intel, and cyber. Our experience and knowledge of the customized contract management approach allow us to assist our customers in tailoring their acquisition strategy to meet their program requirements. ITSC has a proven track record of quality, performance, and commitment to customers and to our people. ITSC’s employees are dedicated to integrity through service & commitment.



Catherine Lamb, Communications & Marketing



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